Is it Time to Upgrade Your Power Backup System? Tips from an Enterprise Backup Systems Consultant in Kansas City — Many businesses in healthcare, telecom, and other industries rely on power backup systems to ensure their ability to provide their services without interruption. At Air Power Consultants, we offer UPS rental in Kansas City and an enterprise backup systems consultant in Kansas City. If your business relies on a backup power system, keeping it in peak condition and ready for any issues that may emerge is critical. When was the last time you analyzed your current system’s condition?

How Old is Your Current System?

A quality UPS system typically lasts around 15 years. However, critical system components such as batteries, fans, and capacitors need to be replaced at much shorter intervals. Any major component failures after your system reaches the ten-year mark may justify a whole system replacement, depending on usage and replacement cost. Newer systems are generally more efficient and cost less to operate.

Have Your Power Demands Increased or Decreased Dramatically?

Another reason to replace your existing system is to compensate for your changing energy needs. If your requirements have increased or decreased dramatically, speak to a critical power consultant in Kansas City about replacing or modifying your current system.

Enterprise Backup Systems Consultant in Kansas City

Is Your Current System Experiencing Serious Issues?

Many businesses have no room for failure with their backup power systems. If your current system is experiencing issues that you have attempted to resolve unsuccessfully, don’t waste your time repairing an old, faulty system. APCI’s team of engineers can help you install and integrate a new system you won’t have to worry about.

Will Your Business Be Relocating Soon?

If your business is relocating soon, this is the ideal time to analyze your backup power needs and the benefits of system replacement. Don’t move your current system only to replace it in a couple of years. Contact us, and we can work with you to project your estimated power usage in your new location and design an ideal system for your needs. We can help you with state-of-the-art critical power products and power management services.

UPS Rental in Kansas City

At APCI, we offer UPS stand alone rental in Kansas City, on site power control solutions in Kansas City, and can connect you with a critical backup systems consultant in Kansas City.

Air Power Consultants

Enterprise Backup Systems Consultant in Kansas City

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Enterprise Backup Systems Consultant in Kansas City

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