UPS System Basics From an Event Backup Systems Consultant in Kansas City — UPS systems are essential equipment for many businesses but are not widely understood. At Air Power Consultants, we can help your business find the best possible battery backup system in Kansas City and provide an event backup systems consultant in Kansas City when you need it. However, we recognize the importance of helping our clients understand exactly how UPSs and other backup systems can improve their businesses and product delivery.

What is a UPS?

UPS stands for Uninterrupted Power Supply. One of the most common applications of UPS technology is for home computers. Small home UPS systems can prevent your computer or internet router from shutting off every time your home’s electrical system experiences minor interruptions in power. These types of systems are plugged in between your computer or router and the electrical outlet on the wall. Larger UPS systems serve a similar function but are typically integrated into business applications differently.

Why are UPS Systems Used?

A UPS system, which is a type of battery backup system, is standard equipment in hospitals, data centers, and other applications in the telecom industry. A UPS system prevents power outages or fluctuations in voltage that would negatively impact the business’s performance. In the case of hospitals, UPS systems ensure that lifesaving equipment remains functional regardless of the weather or problems with the electrical grid. In data centers, a UPS ensures that stored data is accessible at all hours of the day, every day of the year.

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What Types of UPS Systems Exist?

UPS systems are customarily classified into at least four types:

  1. Standby UPS
  2. Double conversion online UPS
  3. Line-interactive UPS
  4. Delta Conversion UPS

The largest differences in these systems relate to how they connect to battery power when AC power is unavailable from the primary power source, how and when the inverter is used, and how or if a transformer is used. The best option for your business will depend primarily on how much power you need to move through the system. Double conversion and delta conversion systems are typically used in the largest applications. One of our experienced engineers can work with you to get the best possible system.

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