At APCI, we offer UPS stand alone rental in Kansas City if you need to update your current battery backup system in Kansas City. We can also help you install a new Eaton backup power UPS system in Kansas City if you need a whole new system. However, it is necessary to remember the critical importance of UPS system maintenance regardless of the age of your current UPS.

#1 – Maintain a Detailed Log of All UPS System Maintenance and Repairs

A detailed log of all maintenance and repairs is almost as important as the maintenance itself. This is because if you don’t know what maintenance has been done, you are more likely to skip something essential or repeat something unnecessarily. Ensure that maintenance logs include a unique identifier for each piece of equipment, location, purchase date, inspections, maintenance, alarm occurrences, and expenses. A well-maintained log can help you make better-informed decisions when deciding if you need to repair or replace a piece of older equipment.

#2 – Schedule Routine Inspections and Preventative Maintenance

If you only perform inspections and maintenance when a problem occurs, you are most likely not getting the most out of your investment. Most systems benefit from minor inspections every few months and major inspections once or twice a year––depending on usage and manufacturer recommendations.


Eaton Backup Power UPS System in Kansas City


#3 – Maintenance and Inspection

If you don’t already have an established maintenance and inspection routine, consider including the following items:

  • Visual and operational checks.
  • Review of maintenance logs.
  • Review the equipment room for dust accumulation, humidity, temperature, etc.
  • Review all power connections: inputs, outputs, fuses, circuit boards, etc.
  • Replace air filters when dirty. (Roughly every six months)
  • Perform system tests, diagnostics, and software upgrades as needed.
  • Dust and vacuum cabinet interiors according to manufacturer recommendations.
  • Perform offline load tests.

If you are having trouble performing maintenance, inspections, or repair, we can help. Contact us today to speak with one of our critical backup systems consultants in Kansas City.

UPS Stand Alone Rental in Kansas City

At APCI, we offer UPS system rental in Kansas City, on site power control solutions in Kansas City, and can connect you with a critical backup systems consultant in Kansas City. Power backup systems are critical for a growing number of businesses and industries. Don’t put your company at risk with an inferior system. APCI can deliver the best possible solution for your unique business needs.

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